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Helping Driven Moms Create a Balanced Life & Schedule through Biblical Mindset

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100 pages of deep work to help you not just plan your days, but your life & goals

+find & reignite your God given gifts, strengths, and purposes

+plan your Big Picture life with the 3P's (passion, purpose, & priorities)

+stay on top of Mindset, Self Care, & Soul Care

+set Goals and establish Micro-habits with Intention

+& more!

AND the best part...

It's DIGITAL & you receive a printed copy too!

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Challenges ~ Workshops ~ Retreats

Challenges & Workshops can be free or paid and help women with a variety of tools and resources to help live intentional lives. Past Challenges include:

10:10 Made for More

Inspired by John 10:10, Helping women call out anxiety, chaos, & feeling stuck to step into your abundant life.

Purposeful Priorities

Helping busy busy moms set goals & live according to your Purposes, Passions, & Priorities (aka The 3P’s)!

Chaos to Clarity

Understand chaos & where it comes from, gain tools & understand what that bring YOU clarity & peace.

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Hey Sister,

It's so nice to meet you here! I can't wait to get to know you better!

For starters, let me ask:
Do you struggle to manage your time?
Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed or mom guilt because everything on your never-ending todo list feels important?
Is it a constant struggle to connect with God in your busy life as a stay at home / work from home mom?
Do you wish you could find a balance and flow in your mom life?

Well momma, I’m glad you’re here!

My circle is here to help you connect with God so that you can balance your life and schedule, get organized, and be that living example as you train up your children in the way they should go.

Hi, I’m Sasha Star Robertson. Child of God, Wife, Boymom, and Productivity Coach for moms. Shortly after becoming a stay-at-home mom I found myself wondering things like, what is my role, how do I get everything done, how do I find a good schedule or structure my days, where’s the time for God, and where’s the time for me?

Trying to do all the things on my own, left me feeling defeated under my own high expectations.Going with the flow of the day left me feeling like I had no real structure, organization, or time.

I finally realized that I had to prioritize my time with God, so that everything else could fall into place. Instead of feeling like I’m always so far behind, I now feel organized, productive, confident, and at peace.

Once I partnered with God, my mindset towards motherhood and home transformed as Jesus took control of schedule and routines. Together we created an intentionally abundant motherhood plan that I’m excited to share with you!

If you are ready to:
Partner with God in your motherhood journey.
Create a schedule that actually works for YOU.
Get organized, find balance, feel productive, and simplify your life.
Get in a little selfcare for mom.
Spend more time doing the things that matter most to you.
& finally pursue that God given gift to impact this world for kingdom purposes.
Then grab your cold brew or kombucha, your planner, & let's connect on a deeper level!

Ways to Connect

What Are People Saying...


Client & Challenger

"Sasha's personality is strong and motivating. She is full of wisdom and tells you what you NEED to hear, and in everything she does.. she does it out of love. She is amazing at being organized, sticking to her word, and has loads of value that is life changing. She inspires me, encourages me, motivates me and makes me want to be a better person."


Challenger, Planner Owner, Retreat Attendee

"I have never held such gold in my hands. It's not a daily planner (though it will help you create daily plans). It is a LIFE planner. I'm so excited to dig in! Please do yourself a favor and check this out, & Sasha, & her community!

Using the tips Sasha shared in the retreat has definitely helped me to refocus my priorities and I am now living a more intentional life. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the retreat and I recommend it to anyone who needs guidance in understanding the direction God is leading them in and how to show up with intention in those areas to do what is good and pleasing to Him."


Challenger & Planner Owner

"If you love Jesus, Growth, & Organization you're going to want whats in this box! It's gorgeous, comes with extras, it's customizable, helps you go deep. Customize your life organization with this tool!"



"I had an amazing experience with Sasha doing her challenge. She is very encouraging and uplifting. I learned so much through the challenge. I highly suggest doing one of her challenges if you can. You will not regret it!! Be prepared to grow and learn. A++++"


Client & Planner Owner

"I JUST opened my Intentional Abundance planner this afternoon and am blown away by the impact, insight, and beauty of this planner and more importantly Sasha's heart behind it."


Retreat Attendee

"I'm surprised not more people were here, because this is GOLD! I think more women would be SO blessed by this! Thank you Sasha for your obedience in serving us in this retreat, I super benefitted from today!"


Planner Owner

"I got my planner today! Yay! It's beautiful!"



"The light Sasha is shining is just amazing I can't think of any changes that need to be made to that. I know that I would love to do one of her challenges along with some of my friends. I know they're tired of repeating the same patterns and ready to simplify their personal breakthrough. This is for them!"


Client & Planner Owner

"I recommend Sasha Star Robertson as a coach because she connects on a personal level, and her insights help me to be more intentional in my faith journey and family life. 

Sasha is passionate about sharing God's love, and what He's shown her in her journey. She's real, she's accessible, and truly wants to encourage and uplift her sisters in Christ through scripture and the revelations she's experienced. I feel blessed to be part of the Intentional Abundance Community.

With Sasha's one-on-one coaching, and her Intentional Abundance Life & Goals Planner, I already feel like I'm living a more abundant life!!!"


Challenger & Planner Owner

"Sasha showed up on time and glowing with positivity every morning! She provided helpful insight and key points I'm putting into practice to become intentional about my time with God. I'd highly recommend to anyone struggling to keep their "Hot Mess Express" on the tracks!"

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