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Do 'all the things'... that are for you!

100 Pages of Planning GOLD to help you not just plan out your days, but your LIFE & GOALS!

I promise you don't have a planner like this in your collection! 

What you get:

  • 100 Pages of Intentional Abundance Gold

  • Digital & Printed Copy

  • 50+ thought/belief shifting, purpose building, goal aligning questions to help you find clarity and start living from the core of YOU.

  • A variety of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly planning tools to choose what works best for you, can you say customizable.

  • Online Member Portal with access to exclusive training videos, individual downloads for monthly, weekly, and daily packets & pages.

  •  Complimentary 30 Minute 1:1 Strategy Session with Sasha Star to find clarity & threads in your Planner/Life.

  • Facebook community with other Intentional Mommas just like YOU!

  • Snag the Life & Goals Planner now!

    "If you love Jesus, growth, & organization you're going to want whats in this box! It's gorgeous, comes with extras, it's customizable, helps you go deep. Customize your life organization with this tool!"


    The Life & Goals Planner Includes:

    • Annual Planning

    • Monthly Planning

    • Weekly Planning

    • Over 50 Deep Dive Questions

    • Membership Access to Unlimited Downloads of all the Pages you're going to use daily, weekly, & monthly.

    • Daily Planning

    • Big Picture Life - 3P's

    •  Habit Trackers

    • SelfCare, Mindset, & SoulCare

    • Access to a Community of other Intentional Mommas walking through the planner & setting ambitious goals. 

  • 30 Min 1:1 Strategy Coaching Session with Sasha Star

  • We simply cannot get to where we want to be without a plan

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    Living with The Intentional Abundance Planner helps to:

    • Uncover God given gift, talents, passions, & purposes.

    • Fully live in the pursuit of the good works He created for YOU specifically.  

    • Manage your time & home in a life giving & productive way.

    • Make time for self-care & the pursuit of your hobbies & passions.

    "I have never held such gold in my hands. It's not a daily planner (though it will help you create daily plans). It is a LIFE planner. I'm so excited to dig in! Please do yourself a favor and check this out, & Sasha, & her community!"


    Peek Inside

    What the planner is/does:

    • Intentionally picking out what matters most in this season and eliminating all the rest. 

    • Over 50 deep work question to help you gain clarity on where you're coming from & where you're going.

    • Find & reignite your God given gifts, strengths, and purposes.

    • Plan your Big Picture life with the 3P's (passion, purpose, & priorities) in mind. 

    • Stay on top of Self Care, Mindset, & Soul Care.

    • Set Goals and establish Micro-habits with Intention.

    • Track your progress in the areas that matter to you.

    • Live from the core of who you are & who God is. 

    What the planner isn't:

    • The same daily pages over & over & over again 365 times. 

    • A 'crafty' planner for you to spend time doodling, using washi tape, and stickers all over to plan things out that busy & driven women frankly don't have the time for.

    • A 'do it my way or the highway' type system where you have to follow my rules in order to 'succeed'.

    • A fancy book to sit on your shelf and not be utilized. 

    It's time to step forward into Intentionally Abundant Living

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    The Complete Intentional Abundance Life & Goals Planner is designed to:

    • Guide you through your values, dreams, and identity to pick out what truly matters in your life

    • Show you how to prioritize your days, weeks, months, & year to achieve the lofty goals & aspirations for life by pursuing whats most important in the season you're living in. 

    • Pour into your family, grow in faith, take care of yourself, & serve others.

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    "I JUST opened my Intentional Abundance planner this afternoon and am blown away by the impact, insight, and beauty of this planner and more importantly Sasha's heart behind it."


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