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Who is this for?!

Are you a busy Momma that

  • can't seem to find the peace

  • don't know where to fit quiet time in your day

  • forget the quiet... you can't seem to sit any Jesus time into your day

  • lacking in the soul care area

  • unable to find peace in your days

  • constantly beating yourself up for what you didn't accomplish... yes, even that Bible Study

  • is trying hard to live this check-list Jesus time lifestyle

  • feels like your faith is really complicated

  • feeling lost & confused about your purpose & gifts 

  • hasn't really felt like you've been hearing from Jesus lately

  • feeling like God is distant

  • struggles to really understand scripture when you go to it to read

  • is missing out on fellowship in life

  • not living out the fruit of the spirit

  • feeling like you have to do Bible Study or Jesus time a certain way or it's not worth it

  • not praying unceasingly, nor really making any specific time for conversations with God in your days

  • feeling like you don't really have a relationship with God 

  • and the list goes on....

  • If you answered yes to ANY of these... then this FREE workshop is for you!

    "Productively Peaceful Days for Christian Moms"

    Sasha believes that all mothers have the ability and the power (in Christ) to lead days that are both peaceful & productive, simultaneously.

    What will you come out of this workshop with?!

    How faith becomes complicated in our lives

    It's okay momma, we ALL do this at one time or another in different seasons of life. But getting out of these seasons can sometimes be where the struggle is. We're going to talk briefly about how you're SO not alone in this. 

    Ways to uncomplicate your faith

    BUT, we're also going to talk about practical ways to overcome this season and get serious about your relationship with God in an uncomplicated way, because sister, He just wants you to seek Him and be with Him. 

    Tips to Make Time Work...

    for you. If there is anything we moms have to do, it's mastering the art of making time. We are going to be discussing some of the best practices to get intentional and uncomplicated God time into you busy days in ways that bring about good fruits in your life and family. 

    "Full yet Fulfilling Days & Schedules Filled with Purpose"

    Sasha believes that your days can be full yet fulfilling... and that your schedules can be filled WITH purposeful activities.

    Meet Your Coach

    Sasha Star Robertson

    Hello Friends,

    I'm Sasha, mother of one blessed through adoption, wife of 13 years to my best friend, Alaskan, wanderluster, and Jesus Freak. 

    Motherhood has been such a demanding job that has required me to give in an unceasing yet everlasting way.

    It seems as though too often we earn the title of Mother and it has a tendency to consume our identity. 

    Yet, I believe it's meant to be a catalyst. 

    Motherhood has been a major part of my sanctification process with Jesus. 
    Motherhood has made me more intentional. 
    Motherhood has made me a better person, all around. 

    I believe motherhood is meant to take us to greater heights. 

    The heights where we are sitting with Jesus on the regular.

    We can go from the lowest of lows...
    to sitting at His feet...
    to sitting with Him in Heavenly places with peace that surpasses understanding as we live in the presence of His spirit and relationship with Him. 

    Seeking Him in all we do...

    ...all day everyday.

    But sister, we can do so much to stand in our own way. 
    We can do so much to over complicate our faith. 

    We can do so much to stand in the way of our relationship with Jesus. 

    It's time we get to the bottom of it all and uncomplicate your faith.

    Hope to see you on the inside sister! 


    Sasha Star ;) 

    Are You Ready To Uncomplicate Your Faith & Get Intentional About Your Relationship With God?!?

    YES! Please Save My Seat.

    "Using the tips Sasha shared in the retreat has definitely helped me to refocus my priorities and I am now living a more intentional life. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the retreat and I recommend it to anyone who needs guidance in understanding the direction God is leading them in and how to show up with intention in those areas to do what is good and pleasing to Him."


    "I'm surprised not more people were here, because this is GOLD! I think more women would be SO blessed by this! Thank you Sasha for your obedience in serving us in this retreat, I super benefitted from today!"


    "I had an amazing experience with Sasha doing her challenge. She is very encouraging and uplifting. I learned so much through the challenge. I highly suggest doing one of her challenges if you can. You will not regret it!! Be prepared to grow and learn. A++++"



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