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Put God First in your Life Today!

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Make God THE Priority

It’s time to read your Bible

so you can connect with God!

 Learn how to study God’s Word, know deeply who God is, develop spiritual disciplines, and live a life worthy of the Gospel!

Momma, being rooted and grounded in Christ is how you live a fruitful life and raise disciples!

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Let Me Show You How!
  • had firmly established faithful foundations

  • felt connected to God

  • developed consistency in reading God's word 

  • felt confident studying God's word

  • lived rooted & grounded in Christ

  • were leading by example for your children

  • understood & practiced fruitful spiritual disciplines

  • were part of a sisterhood in Christ that spanned the world


But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

Join me in this life changing course to connect with God & others

Establishing Foundations

In Module 1 we will cover some of the basics including God First Living, Idolatry, Time & Choice Management, as well as Living a Life Worthy of the Gospel. 

  • You want to read your Bible more

  • You are sick of distance between you & God

  • You know that God comes first, but you struggle to live that out

  • You want to connect with God in every way possible

  • You wish there was a way to hear from God regularly

  • You desire to understand & practice spiritual disciplines

  • You want to know how to study scripture

  • You desire to live deeply rooted & grounded in Christ

  • You already know how to study the Bible

  • You are already feeling connected to God

  • You practice spiritual disciplines regularly

  • You don’t need fellowship w/ other moms

  • Your regular quiet time with God is already great

  • You seek God regularly in a number of ways

  • You have a strong relationship w/ God & hear from Him regularly

  • You lead a God first God focused life

  • You are not willing to consistently check in with your accountability partner

  • INSTANT ACCESS TO the Training Portal & Student Community

  • Weekly Bible Teachings for 8 Weeks

  • LIVE Cohorts include weekly Group Coaching, Fellowship, Prayer Calls

  • Monthly Student Community Calls

  • Accountability Partners

  • Bible Study/Workbook with daily prompts to help foster consistency & richness in God's presence

  • Student Community Feedback & Support on Homework

  • Sisterhood in Christ that spans the globe

  • BONUS Guest Teaching - Katelyn Silva: Fall in Love with God's Word Through Inductive Study

  • BONUS Guest Teaching - Cat Sharp: How to study your Bible - 3 R methods of Bible study - Rest, Reflect, and Research

  • BONUS Guest Teaching - Elizabeth Chu: Quick Start to Bible Journaling

  • BONUS Guest Teaching - Nicole Noyles Brown - Beyond Lip Service: A Word Study on Praise & Worship

  • BONUS Guest Teaching - Nicole Noyles Brown - Sensory Beings for a Sensory Creator: Experiencing God and the Scriptures through the Five Senses

  • BONUS Guest Teaching - Candy Creech: How to Study God's Word in the Busy Seasons

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    Seek First was AMAZING!!!! I loved the educational structure with the videos and workbook to help guide me in studying the topics in scripture! The fellowship from the group coaching calls, prayer calls, and daily check-ins with my accountabilibuddy was one of my favorite aspects of the challenge! I love hearing testimonies and insight from others and seeing how God is working in all our lives all over the world! We also made new friends!! ❤️ I now find myself turning to seek God in His Word throughout the day instead of just in the morning! I'm teaching for my Bible more and my phone less! I'm definitely continuing with the consistency established in this challenge and digging deeper into scripture and seeking God more and more! I've seen prayers answered and heard God's command to rest and also instruction for what I'm to do next in my life going forward with writing another book to glorify and honor Him! I'm so excited for the growth in myself and my family!

    Camella W.

    I joined the Seek First because I wanted to grow in my relationship with the Lord alongside a community of God fearing women. The challenge was more than I bargained for, in a good way. I learned the importance of God first, God focused living. I began desiring to spend more time with God and in His word. I deepened my relationship with Him. I learned more about who God is. I was challenged to make space not only to grow my relationship with the Lord... but to pray, be still... and listen for God to meet me in that space and speak to me. I did just that and God SHOWED UP in that space and it was so apparent that He was speaking directly to me. After all this time all I had to do was be still/be quiet and listen for the voice of God. I received answers directly from the Lord like never before when I created that quiet space not only to pray but to listen. That was powerful and not something that I had ever experienced on that level. In addition, I also became more consistent than I was before I started the challenge. I noticed that I was consistently seeking Him. I was able to take the wisdom that I learned from the challenge and not only apply it to my own life but share it with the people I love. It was SOO good that I truly didn't want it to end. Joining is a no-brainer. It was genuinely life changing. ❤️

    Lindsay C.


    Hey Sister, Sasha Here!

    Jesus Freak, Wife of nearly 15 years to my best friend, Mom blessed by adoption, Intentional Living & Biblical Mindset Coach

    I know first hand how difficult it can be to connect with God as a busy mom!

    Your babies are keeping you up most of the night or your toddler is ripping pages out of your Bible.

    You try to sit down and read God's word, but there is so much noise.

    You're confused by what you're reading at times and can't seem to keep any sort of consistency in God's word, prayer, or complete a Bible Study.

    Life keeps coming up and you feel so out of touch with God and wonder how on earth you're going to lead your kids to Jesus when He feels so far away. 

    I've been there sisters... more times than I'd like to admit!

    Through it all I began to realize how drastically different my days could be when I was seeking God first, and when I wasn't. I simply didn't want to be that mom anymore, so I set out to answer some of the most important faith questions. I needed to know God, in order to like and trust God, so we could be in the deep and intimate friendship we share today. 

    The struggle is certainly real when it comes to keeping God a priority in Momlife. 

    But it doesn't have to be that way!

    This is exactly why I've created (or shall I say God created through me) Seek First. 


    I've put together short, digestible Bible Teachings on some foundational pieces of faith that I believe get to the core of living out true and genuine relationship with God. A beautiful workbook accompanies the trainings & you are partnered with an accountability sister in Christ to keep you seeking God each and every day for 8 weeks straight. 

    I'm so excited to see the way God shows up and moves in your life over the next 8 weeks in Seek First! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I'm already in another Bible Study at church? Would this still be a good fit for me?

    Absolutely! While I do not advocate for doing too many things at once, I also believe the more opportunities we have to connect with God throughout the week, the better. That being said, if you're finding yourself living in a checklist Christianity, then the coaching calls in this program are going to be ideal for you. We'll help you simplify and focus on the things that will help shift you into deep relationship with God. 

    I'm not sure now is the right time for me to begin something like this...

    Sister, if not now, when? If you're conflicted about timing and when is a good time to put God first in your life... it's a sign you would greatly benefit from this program! If your relationship with God is struggling and He isn't first in your life, then the right time will never come because the enemy has you right where he wants you. 

    I'm not a mom, is this still for me?

    1000% yes sister! These are Faithful Foundations from scripture! In fact, my husband has even gone through the whole program and said it was fantastic. I primarily speak to and serve moms, but that doesn't mean the content in here isn't applicable to anyone and everyone that desires to be more deeply rooted in scripture and truth. 

    I'm just not a consistent person, is it reasonable for me to be confident in completing this?

    That's exactly what it's created for! I've broken things down into digestible pieces so you can do a little bit each day. Plus we have accountability partners to check in on each other regularly. Your accountability sister needs you just as much as you need her, so keep her close and grow together as you grow in Christ. 

    Excited for you to join us today!