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Are you ready to make God the priority?

In this 8 week Bible Study Challenge you will grow in understanding of foundational Bible concepts as you abide in God and His word on a consistent basis. 

The Seek First Challenge Includes:

† Training portal with Weekly Bible teachings

† Weekly group coachIng calls via zoom
† Accountability partners
† Bible Study/Workbook with weekly assignments to help foster consistency & richness in God's word
† Community
† Encouragement
† Fun connecting with others while we grow intimate relationships with God

    Training Topics Include:

  • Faithful Foundations

  • God First Living

  • Time/Choice Management

  • Idolatry

  • Faith

  • Works

  • Who God is

  • Why God First God Focused Living is important

  • Living a Life Worthy of The Gospel

  • Abundance

  • Intentional Living

  • Hesed Love

  • Ways to Seek God

  • Fear of the Lord

  • Waiting on The Lord

  • Honoring the Sabbath

  • Sacrifices of Thanksgiving

  • Be Still

  • Resting

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • & more

  • What Previous Students Have Said...

    Camella W.

    This challenge was AMAZING!!!! I loved the educational structure with the videos and workbook to help guide me in studying the topics in scripture! The fellowship from the group coaching calls, prayer calls, and daily check-ins with my accountabilibuddy was one of my favorite aspects of the challenge! I love hearing testimonies and insight from others and seeing how God is working in all our lives all over the world! We also made new friends!! ❤️ I now find myself turning to seek God in His Word throughout the day instead of just in the morning! I'm teaching for my Bible more and my phone less! I'm definitely continuing with the consistency established in this challenge and digging deeper into scripture and seeking God more and more! I've seen prayers answered and heard God's command to rest and also instruction for what I'm to do next in my life going forward with writing another book to glorify and honor Him! I'm so excited for the growth in myself and my family!

    Lindsay C.

    I joined the She Rises challenge because I wanted to grow in my relationship with the Lord alongside a community of God fearing women. The challenge was more than I bargained for, in a good way. I learned the importance of God first, God focused living. I began desiring to spend more time with God and in His word. I deepened my relationship with Him. I learned more about who God is. I was challenged to make space not only to grow my relationship with the Lord... but to pray, be still... and listen for God to meet me in that space and speak to me. I did just that and God SHOWED UP in that space and it was so apparent that He was speaking directly to me. After all this time all I had to do was be still/be quiet and listen for the voice of God. I received answers directly from the Lord like never before when I created that quiet space not only to pray but to listen. That was powerful and not something that I had ever experienced on that level. In addition, I also became more consistent than I was before I started the challenge. I noticed that I was consistently seeking Him. I was able to take the wisdom that I learned from the challenge and not only apply it to my own life but share it with the people I love. It was SOO good that I truly didn't want it to end. Joining is a no-brainer. It was genuinely life changing. ❤️

    Ashley R.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the She Rises Challenge. I was able to reestablish my morning routine with the Lord that I had slipped away from. The teachings and workbook were thought provoking and really helped me go deeper in my relationship and understanding of the Lord. I loved the bonus of a music playlist to use intermittently throughout certain parts of the workbook questions. Sasha has a gift for educating, calling women higher lovingly, and sharing what the Lord is showing her - oftentimes having already walked it out with the Lord herself. I'm thrilled to see Sasha share this bible study with others, as it has taught me so much and helped me realign priorities.

    Noortje H.

    The She Rises challenge was so instrumental in helping me to get back to a place where I was seeking God daily through reading His Word, prayer, worship and journaling. The training videos and journaling questions provided a structure that I could use to guide my God time but it wasn't forced. There were so many instances of God showing up over the course of the 8 weeks. It allowed me to meet ladies that I'm sure I'll be sharing life with (virtually because we're geographically distant) for a while to come! The She Rises challenge was honestly such a blessing. Thank you Sasha for following God's leading and creating this challenge and community.

    Sydney S.

    My greatest takeaway from the She Rises challenge was developing a new set-point of relationship with God that makes it easy to recognize when I am out of fellowship. Before starting the challenge, I could go a few weeks before realizing I hadn't opened my Bible but now it's a few days tops. In short, it's increased my dependency on God because I can feel the discomfort of not being in his Presence, and it has me clinging to him more than ever before.

    Janell P.

    The she rises challenge was very encouraging and full of such deep truths and great tools. I love how the video and workbook/study guide flowed so well together. My biggest blessing was the week about waiting on the lord. Every week I learned something new but the week about waiting on the lord took me to a new level. The questions really made you evaluate where you are at in your spiritual walk and also your physical walk. I have a much better foundation rooted in truth with a capital T and am forever grateful for the sisters and relationships gained along the way!

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