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How can you be effective for the Kingdom? 

We are all here on earth to advance the Kingdom, to fulfill the great commission, to bring God glory. 

But have you ever wondered how? 
Like, what is your unique thing?

These 50 Purpose Discovery Questions will help you: explore, with God, who you are and what you're meant to do. 

1. Uncover your unique gifts

2. Spot threads and themes throughout your life

3. See how you have been uniquely designed by God to do the good works He has created you specifically for

4. Find clarity in your unique purpose & calling in this world/kingdom of God

Do you wonder what your unique purpose is in this world?
Have you struggled uncovering your gifts or calling
You have been uniquely designed by God to do the good works He has for you?

It's time to stop hiding! 
Sister, you we're made to impact this world for kingdom purposes! 

Snag these 50 purpose discovery questions for completely free!

Pray and invite God in as you journal through these questions. I have found He will often reveal answers to you that might not be in your view. 
I'm so excited for what He's about to reveal to you!