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The IAM Coaching Program

is for you if:

-you're a mom
-you have a lot of responsibilities
-you desire more balance in life
-you know you need more structure in your days, but don't know where or how to create it
-you know "going with the flow" isn't getting you anywhere
-you desire to be a good steward of all the gifts God has given you, but find yourself lacking in time and capacity to do 'all the things'
-you have big dreams and goals, but don't know how to get there
-you're ready to try different so things in life can be different
-you're ready for a schedule that actually works for you and your family
-you're craving sisterhood with other mommas that actually get you
-'just a mom' isn't what you're after, you know you've been called to more... but you don't know how/where to start
-you're ready to get your ducks in a row so that you can take action expanding your tent and that kingdom impact God has called you to
-you want to be able to confidently and peacefully take care of all the things that truly matter to you

What You Can Expect Walking Through The IAM:

God First Living

A foundation built on God is necessary for success in all areas of life, including parenting, marriage, home, business, health, etc. We shift our mindset to be one on Biblical Truth, consistently seek God, and set out to lead lives worthy of the Gospel in all we do. 

Serenity & Shalom

A state of calm, peaceful, & untroubled is the definition of serenity. Shalom is a wholeness, harmony, and fulfillment. These are things only God can provide us to the core of who we are. But we all have things that stand in the way: beliefs, thoughts, past experiences, expectations, and more. We cut through the mind drama and bring our focus to what God has for use in this season of life and who He created you to be.

Productivity & Priorities

It's not about finding time, but about making time in your life and day for what matters most... in this season & then eliminating the rest. Our world will have us convinced to always do more. We talk a lot about YOUR priorities and help you live productive days in them without over burdening yourself. 

Biblical Mindset, Productivity, & SO much more sisters! 

This entire system has been created to be customizable for each and every unique woman walking through it. After all, we are humans, not cookies... we can't all fit in the same mold. Let's filter through the noise of life and find the essentials that are for YOU. 

Included in your IAM Program:

  • 6 Months Access to the IAM Training Portal

  • 6 Months of Weekly Coaching Calls (group and/or 1:1 depending on your enrollment level)

  • 6 Months Access to Seek First

  • 6 Months Access to the Fresh Start

  • Weekly Accountability Recap (W.A.R) Form with Coaching Feedback

  • Access to Sasha on Telegram

  • Lifetime Access to the Digital Life & Goals Planner

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