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The IAM Coaching System

Might be for you if:

-you're a mom
-you have a lot of responsibilities
-you hit the snooze button…. frequently
-you easily let yourself down but often in the service of others so you tell yourself its okay
-you're a self sabotager…
-you know what needs to be done, but regularly fail to do it, lacking the accountability and consistency necessary to move forward.
-live anxiously, in stress, lack of peace
-caught up in worldly things
-struggle with addictions (drugs, television, working out, chasing success, social media scroll, food, beauty)
-you mean well everyday but never actually DO
-reading scripture is a todo checkmark
-you’re not hungry for the word
-you’re not zealous for good works
-your faith is wavering, struggling, or based on your circumstances
-easily triggered or short tempered with spouse and/or children
-running away from something
-chasing after something other than God
-only pray when you want/need something
-find yourself not doing what you said you would do
...and the list goes on

What You Can Expect From Walking Through The IAM:

God First Living

Discussing why a foundation built on Him is necessary for success in all areas of life, including parenting, marriage, home, business, and health. Why having the correct heartset and mindset in pursuing Him makes all the difference. 

Peace & Serenity

A state of calm, peaceful, & untroubled is the definition of serenity. That is what God provides us to the core of who we are, in our soul. Addressing how our big picture life, mindset, micro-habits, goal setting, environment, and more can help or hinder receiving serenity in our souls. 

Productivity & Priorities

It's not about finding time, but about making time in your life and day for what matters most... in this season. & then eliminating all the rest. Our would will have us convinced to always do more. We talk a lot about YOUR priorities and help you live productive days in them without over burdening yourself. 

Biblical Mindset, Productivity, & SO much more sisters! 

This entire system has been created to be customizable for each and every unique woman walking through it. After all, we are humans, not cookies... we can't all fit in the same mold. I, the IAM, and God are here with you to take your hand and help you filter through the noise of life and find the essentials that are for YOU. 

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