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Who is this for?!

Are you a mom?

Then this FREE 'momference' is for you!

“The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.”

—James E. Faust

You desire to show up as the best version of yourself because you know that your children are learning by your example more than your words. 

What will you come out of this 'momference' with?!

A Heart Overflowing

It's hard to mom all day everyday. Especially those days where it feels like no-one is noticing nor appreciates the work you're doing. God knows sister! We see you sister! Come have your heart filled up with encouragement and inspiration to go back to real life and pour from a cup that overflows love into your family, home, community, & more. 

Peace That Surpasses Understanding

Each of the speakers has been hand selected for by God to be a place where you can come to not just receive His peace and feel His presence through them, but so that you can walk away from this event with a mindset focused on Him and His peace as you move forward into this next season whatever that season is for you and your family. 

Practical Tips & Advice

The speakers coming to this event are power houses of valuable and practical information to help you lead a fruitful life. From marriage to mindset, from parenting well to business, from selfcare to faith, we've got you covered sister! Come with a notepad and pen handy because you are going to want to not only take note, but refer back and apply this information to your life. 

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

-Galatians 6:9

Our heart behind this event is to speak life into the hearts of mom everywhere. We see you. We know all the effort and love you pour into your family & home. We want to pour some back into you so that you can keep showing up, not from weariness or lack, but from abundance & peace!

Meet Your Host

Sasha Star Robertson

Intentional Living & Biblical Mindset Coach

Sasha is a wife of 13 years to her best friend, boy mom (blessed by adoption), travel addict, Jesus Freak, podcast host, planner curator, & coach. Sasha is passionate about helping busy Christian Moms life a productively peaceful life. One that is focused first on faithful foundations and purposeful priorities, mastering our mindset, and implementing simple biblical selfcare so that we can continue to pour from a cup that is overflowing. 

Sasha has a passion to help women and mothers everywhere live from the freedom that comes from a strong relationship with Christ and living with Biblical truths written on their hearts. She felt God calling her to bring together strong and impactful women of God to pour into the hearts and minds of busy mommas. This 'momference' was established to do just that. 

Complete Speaker Line-up

Kate Muesing - Getting motivated to start your health journey and creating a Biblical foundation that keeps you going

Taylor Irby - Discipline that Connects with your Child's Heart 

Mukkove Johnson - Ditching Mom Guilt for Good 

Katrina Ball - What It Takes To Walk on Water 

Rhiannon Helgason - Self-Awareness - You always have a choice! 

Lindsay Collova - Marriage: How understanding each other’s God-given gifts can strengthen your relationship and increase the quality of your life together

Leslie Travis - There is no 'one-way' to worship or be in relationship with God

Angela Quinteros - Boundaries: Why you need them, how to establish them, how to keep them, and how to know when to shift them 

Julie Redmond - Declutter your space to save your sanity + how your kids can help 

Ashley Rinehart - Simple ways to reduce the toxin load in your home that you can implement today 

Maxy Jimenez - How emotional battles can influence our physical state 

Riley Powell - Finding God in your story to rewrite the narrative of your mind 

Susan Whitehead - How God provides when we step out in faith and do what He has called us to do with our unique gifts 

Joy Wendling - Less Yelling, More Laughing 

Sara Jimenez - Intentional action: habits, cues, and routines to help us accomplish all the things!

Learn more about each speaker below!

Meet Your Speakers

Kate Muesing - Christian Health Coach

As a wife, and mom to 3 boys I understand the challenges of creating an intentionally healthy lifestyle. I get to help women create that intentionally healthy lifestyle by helping them connect their faith to their health. I help women build a Biblical foundation for their health habits so health becomes a lifestyle!

Taylor Irby, Marriage - Family and Life Coach

Taylor Irby is a certified life coach through Connected Families and Coaching Mission International. Through her years of coaching, Taylor has helped families and leaders thrive. She is the mother of 5 children, and she spent 11 years with her family in Bosnia serving students and families. She loves to come alongside discouraged families, providing them with the tools they need for connection, growth and lasting change.

Rhiannon Helgason - Kingdom Business Coach

I'm Rhiannon, married with two children living in England. I love helping women get closer to God so that they can do all of the things that God has created them to do at home and in Business. I help women make money without guilt. I believe that God calls women to business in order to increase their income, influence and impact for His glory and that He is calling them to go deeper into a relationship with Him so that they are able to build a legacy that will impact future generations for His kingdom.

Mukkove Johnson - Mom Coach & Mentor

I am a Christian Mom Coach and Mentor. I coach, mentor, and minister healing to emotional wounds and provide practical tools for living wholehearted. My passion is for moms to understand and live in emotionally and spiritually healthy relationships so that they can rise up to be who God has called them to be in this time in history. I love in Alaska with my husband and preschooler. Our adult children and soon to be grandchild also live here and I enjoy my time with them more than anything. I also love sunshine and God's creation.

Lindsay Collova - Strengths Marriage Coach

Lindsay Collova is a Strengths Marriage Coach and a certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator. She is on a mission to help equip dating, engaged & married couples with the tools they need to strengthen their relationship and increase the quality of their life together. She firmly believes that strong relationships lead to strong marriages and that strong marriages create strong families. An exceptional listener and honest messenger - Lindsay unpacks your strengths with clarity and identifies weaknesses so that they are no longer a stumbling block. She is committed to helping couples understand one another deeply... so that they can love one another greatly.

Katrina Ball - Life Coach & Business Strategist

Katrina Ball is a woman of faith, a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She is a home educator moulding the hearts and minds of her children and desires to continually make an impact in her community. She was the proud publisher and editor of Bermuda Parent Magazine before selling it. She now seeks to guide moms and female entrepreneurs to step out of their boats in faith and walk on water keeping their eyes fixed on their Creator and receive the things that are possible with Him.

Julie Redmond - Intentional Living Coach

Julie Redmond is a happy wife and twin mom fueled by fun earrings, dark chocolate, meaningful conversations and Jesus! She is on a mission to make life feel easier and meaningfully productive through the ultimate life hack of self awareness + intentional living. And it's all built on the foundation of faith. Start finding your way to an intentional life through her podcast Mom Made Plans and with her productivity printables on Etsy at Paper Made Plans.

Riley Powell - Podcast host of The ash + ivy Show

Hey hey hey! My name is Riley. I love fun and games and fun and lots of deep conversation! Friendship is life! I have been married to my hotty husband for 15 years but we've only been BFFs for about 2..truth! I am a mom to 2 incredible boys and the sweetest brand new miracle baby girl! That's a whole story! This is starting to sound like a Wheel of Fortune intro..that is my fav show! Moving on..I have a sweet & sacred space in the podcast world for Christian women who long for the more God invites us all into. ALL OF US! That's you! I believe that God is pursuing and covering us in every circumstance of our lives and that we can seek and find Him when we look at our own stories. It is my heart to walk with women in friendship and in genuine relationship with Jesus.

Ashley Rinehart - 123 Toxin Free

I am a follower of Jesus, wife, mother of 2. I live on our family homestead with 40+ chickens, 2 pigs and a dog. My journey to remove toxins from our life began over 7 years ago when we were having fertility trouble. Once I was pregnant there was no turning back on the journey to remove as many toxins as possible. It became 1st about creating as clean home of possible for my family, and then the Lord showed me it was about helping other families do the same -- without the stress and chaos that often accompanies trying to remove toxin-filled products.

Sara Jimenez - Life Balance Coach

Hi! I'm a Jesus loving wife of 7 years, boy mom to a sweet 3 yr old, and of course friend and business builder! I stared this journey of wanting to speak into the hearts of women after I overcame my "hot mess mom" identity when my son was about 18 months old. I realized I was holding myself back with that belief and identity and had no balance on my life! I currently have a podcast where I talk about seeking that balance in life as a new-ish mom and love pouring into women by encouraging them and giving Tactical steps for habit creation, utilizing goals, and systems to work towards that balance that they so desire!

Joy Wendling - Christian Parenting Coach,

Joy Wendling is a Children's and Family Minister turned Stay-at-Home Mom to her 5 little girls. Growing up in the South, Jesus has always been a part of her life, but it wasn't until college that she came to know him as a friend and to realize that he desires a daily relationship with her. This experience started Joy's journey and passion for equipping families to take responsibility of their children's discipleship. For a time her Family Ministry also overlapped with Christian Early Childhood Education, which is where Joy fell in love with play and its benefits for learning and well-being. Joy is now a play advocate and believes play is the best way to engage children in discipleship. Currently, Joy is encouraging mamas to point their children to Christ with play at her blog CreatedtoPlay.com and hosts a podcast called Playfully Faithful Parenting. She also offers Christian Parenting Coaching for developmentally-appropriate discipleship and discipline through play and connection.

Angela Quinteros - Christian Life Coach

Angela is a transformational life coach and motivational mentor. Her 19 year career in education and her lifelong walk with God have equipped her with the skills, gifts, and experience needed to partner with women and transform their lives through coaching and applying biblical principles to everyday life. She is also a wife of 18 years and counting and mom to 3 active teen boys. She enjoys traveling, cooking, exploring new places, trying new foods, walks, and watching her boys play sports. Faith over fear is her motto. Angela can speak to the countless examples of where God has shown up in her life and how closed doors turned out be the biggest blessings.

Maxy Jimenez - Emotional and Binge Eating Coach

I am 31 years old, a mother of two, wife, and an emotional eating and wellness coach. During my adolescence I dealt with body image issues and anorexia. As an adult, I suffered from emotional eating, binge eating, depression, and anxiety, all of which led to me becoming morbidly obese with over 95 pounds overweight. With God’s help, the decision to associate with Him, internal work and different processes, I was able to learn to have a better relationship with food, love my body and managed to lose 95 pounds overweight. Now my passion is helping other women overcome emotional eating and binge eating through faith, fitness and mindset. My focus is that these women can be free of those tight emotions and that they can see that the purpose that God has for them goes beyond their physical appearance. I specialize in helping women who specifically have tried everything to lose weight but nothing works for them in the long term, because they have not gone to the root of the problem, and they want to do it without obsessing over the process and putting God at the center.

Susan Whitehead - Wife, Mother, World Traveler

Susan Whitehead is a married mother of 6 who knows how we are all uniquely made to live and serve in unique ways. She has traveled and lived in several different countries with her family and, through those adventures, learned how her God-given talents and gifts could earn an income from home. She loves helping moms, like you, make money from home by using the skills you already have.

Leslie Travis - Podcast host of Hero Starts With Her

I’m Leslie, a busy working wife and mother. I thrive on the chaos surrounding our lives and am always looking to do more. I share on my podcast more on normalizing the things we keep to ourselves, that nobody ever talks about but we all go through it. We all sit in this awkward silence because of it. I want you to feel like you’re standing taller and feeling taller. I want you to feel like I’m talking to you.

For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”
- Isaiah 41:13

Spend a few hours with these powerful speakers and leave with a renewed heart and mind towards life, motherhood, and you as a woman, all set on God's truth & love for you. 

YES! Please Save My Seat.

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