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100 pages of deep work to help you not just plan your days, but your life & goals

+find & reignite your God given gifts, strengths, and purposes

+plan your Big Picture life with the 3P's (passion, purpose, & priorities)

+stay on top of Mindset, Self Care, & Soul Care

+set Goals and establish Micro-habits with Intention

+& more!

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It's so easy to get caught up in the chaos and demands of #momlife.

Motherhood is such a demanding job that requires us to give of ourselves in an unceasing yet everlasting way.

That doesn't mean we don't have passions and purposes beyond the doors of our home and the souls that live inside.

But friends, we're not meant to stay there, in that chaos, with never ending to do lists, and chores.

We're meant to live out the desires God placed on our hearts. 

We're meant to do the good works He planned for us.


We're meant to thrive.

I was there friends. In the chaos. I think we all are at some point.

We earn the title of Mother and it has a tendency to consume our identity. 

But it's meant to be a catalyst. 

To take us to greater heights. 

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The Complete Intentional Abundance Planner Includes:

  • Annual Planning

  • Quarterly Planning

  • Monthly Planning

  • Weekly Planning

  • Inspiration & Motivation

  • Big Picture Life

  • 3P's

  • Habit Trackers

  • Introspection

  • SelfCare, Mindset, & SoulCare

Living with The Intentional Abundance Planner helps to:

  • Uncover God given gift, talents, passions, & purposes.

  • Fully live in the pursuit of the good works He created for YOU specifically.  

  • Manage your time & home in a life giving & productive way.

  • Make time for self-care & the pursuit of your hobbies & passions.

It was only a few months into motherhood that I realized 

I gave up everything I had been working for my whole life to be at home and change diapers, rarely ever getting in a shower. 

Don't get me wrong, I had to work for motherhood my whole life as well. My greatest dream and desire on earth had finally become a reality.

I just wasn't mentally nor emotionally ready for it to be my ONLY reality. 

I spent over a month disconnected from anything outside the walls of my home digging DEEP into identity and purpose.


Who was I? What did God have for me? Am I made for more? Will I ever catch up? Will I ever sleep again? 

So many questions.

But God was there guiding me through the greatest journey of my life. 

He pulled out of me a plan that He had been working all along.

Not only did this time reveal my own passions and purposes,

how to pursue them,

& manage time *choices* in a new way

(leading to a fulfilling and abundant life);

but it allowed me to develop systems to help other moms do the same. 

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The Complete Intentional Abundance Planner is designed to:

  • Guide you through your values, dreams, and identity to pick out what truly matters in your life

  • Show you how to prioritize your days, weeks, months, & year to achieve your lofty goals and aspirations

  • Pour into your family, grow in faith, and take care of yourself.

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