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Who is this for?!

Are you a busy Momma working 'round the clock... quite literally... yet,

  • not able to catch up on the chores & never ending to do list

  • constantly putting out fires (metaphorically) & cleaning up messes 

  • having a schedule that feels like it manages you instead of the other way around

  • lacking in the self care & soul care area

  • unable to find peace in your days

  • constantly beating yourself up for what you didn't accomplish

  • feeling like you could/should be doing more... like you were created for more

  • stuck in your head about, like, a lot of things... (the dishes, laundry, bills, the schedule, homeschooling, time with God, time w/ hubs, service....)

  • not remaining consistent enough to get anywhere

  • feeling lost & confused about your purpose & gifts 

  • tired of trying so dang hard to get nowhere

  • stuck in the anxiety that comes along with the hustle mindset & lifestyle

  • tired & exhausted ALL THE TIME

  • have forgotten who you are & what you like

  • don't have any time for you, for quiet time with God, nor quality time with your spouse 

  • waiting for the 'next season' or 'next week' or 'next month' for things to "slow down"

  • lacking peace in your life

  • finding yourself caught up in comparison with other mommas

  • and the list goes on....

  • If you answered yes to ANY of these... then this FREE workshop is for you!

    "Productively Peaceful Days for Christian Moms"

    Sasha believes that all mothers have the ability and the power (in Christ) to lead days that are both peaceful & productive, simultaneously.

    What will you come out of this workshop with?!

    Clarity on what matters most

    I know, I know, #momlife is filled with 1,000 tasks to do a day that are on repeat day after day, they're ALL important and sometimes it seems like it's not possible to keep up with them all. I promise you, it is possible to do all the things that are for YOU. 

    Mindset Tools...

    to help you cut through the chaotic moments that #momlife can indeed be filled with, and instead bring yourself back to a place of center, taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

    Tips to Make Time Work...

    for you. If there is anything we moms have to do, it's mastering the art of making time. Learn about some major time wasters and how to manage them in order to make time in the day to do things that are important to you, and be as productive as possible. 

    "Full yet Fulfilling Days & Schedules Filled with Purpose"

    Sasha believes that your days can be full yet fulfilling... and that your schedules can be filled WITH purposeful activities.

    Meet Your Coach

    Sasha Star Robertson

    Hello Friends,

    I'm Sasha, mother of one blessed through adoption, wife of nearly 13 years to my best friend, Alaskan, wanderluster, and Jesus Freak. 

    Motherhood has been such a demanding job that has required me to give in an unceasing yet everlasting way.

    But friends, I have passions and purposes beyond the doors of my home and the souls that live inside. 

    That doesn't make me a bad mom, it just means that I want more out of life than never ending to do lists, chores, diaper changes, homeschooling, and tiny demanding snack eaters dictating my every move.

    Don't get me wrong, there is NOWHERE I would rather be than at home with my boy day in and day out, never missing a moment of his development and growth. He is my greatest joy and greatest purpose here on earth.

    But I also believe we're meant to live out the desires God placed on our hearts. 



    It seems as though too often we earn the title of Mother and it has a tendency to consume our identity. 

    Yet, I believe it's meant to be a catalyst. 

    To take us to greater heights. 

    It was only a few months into motherhood that I realized I gave up everything I had been working for my whole life to be at home and change diapers, rarely ever getting in a shower.

    I've since received a promotion to snack provider and educator which has been nice. 

    ...Don't get me wrong, I had to work for motherhood my whole life as well. My greatest dream and desire on earth had finally become a reality.

    I just wasn't mentally nor emotionally ready for it to be my ONLY reality. 

    Early on in motherhood I spent months disconnected from anything outside the walls of my home digging DEEP into identity and purpose. 

    Who was I? What did God have for me? Am I made for more? Will I ever catch up? Will I ever sleep again? 

    So many questions.

    But God was there guiding me through the greatest journey of my life. 

    He pulled out of me a plan that He had been working all along.

    I spent many years planning, organizing, and managing for small businesses and organizations. 

    I had an obsession with planners and goal setting. 

    I had a drive in me to achieve. 

    I had spiritual gifts of teaching, administration, & exhortation. 

    I had a degree in business management (hello, families and time should be easier to manage than businesses and teams).

    ...and the list goes on. 

    What I am saying is, not only did this time reveal my own passions and purposes, how to pursue them and manage time and life in a new way, leading to a fulfilling, peaceful, and abundant life; but it allowed me to develop a plan to help other moms do the same. 

    So if you're ready, I invite you to embark on a journey of discovering what an Intentionally Abundant Motherhood means for you!

    Hope to see you on the inside sister! 


    Sasha Star ;) 

    Are You Ready To Get Out From Under That Never Ending To Do List & Start Enjoying Life To The Fullest?

    Join Us To Learn Some Of Sasha's Best Tricks To Living A Fulfilling & Abundant Life Despite The Demands Of Motherhood!

    YES! Please Save My Seat.

    "Using the tips Sasha shared in the retreat has definitely helped me to refocus my priorities and I am now living a more intentional life. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the retreat and I recommend it to anyone who needs guidance in understanding the direction God is leading them in and how to show up with intention in those areas to do what is good and pleasing to Him."


    "I'm surprised not more people were here, because this is GOLD! I think more women would be SO blessed by this! Thank you Sasha for your obedience in serving us in this retreat, I super benefitted from today!"


    "I had an amazing experience with Sasha doing her challenge. She is very encouraging and uplifting. I learned so much through the challenge. I highly suggest doing one of her challenges if you can. You will not regret it!! Be prepared to grow and learn. A++++"



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